Enrichment Classes*

We believe that a student succeeds when both academic, extra-curricular activity, and enjoyment go hand in hand. 

With choices ranging Chess, Speech and Debate, Arts and Dance we are sure you and your kids will love it!

Coming soon Robotics and Jr. Robotics!!

Speech and Debate 

These classes are provided by the Golden State Academy for kids 6th grade and above.

For more information please contact info@tgsastaff.com or visit https://www.thegoldenstateacademyschoolofspeechanddebate.com/


Did you know playing chess improves IQ, hones critical thinking skills, boosts brain power, and sharpens arithmetic skills? Our coaches are well experienced and teaching chess from many years. Most important kids want to play chess and enjoy the class.


Our program features kids’ friendly routines, designed to promote balance, coordination, and confidence. Children will have fun exploring movements through Bollywood performing art and Dance Lessons with a fusion of Indian dances. The Curriculum includes the basics of movements and synchronization techniques followed by in class performance in front of parents by the end of session. We break down the steps, add games, activities and also the cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

KidPreneur Workshop

When: Saturday May 5th, 1:00 PM - 5:30PM

Price: $75

What make Kidpreneurs workshop valuable REALLY?

·  The workshop is a simple way to give kids entrepreneurial roots and encourage them to become kidpreneurs.

·  The workshop encourages kids to think creatively and create innovative ideas.

·  The workshop helps kids feel in control and plan lives.

·  The workshop offers kids a chance to feel happy, and that they can do useful things.

·  The workshop environments involves coaching, interactive activities, teamwork and leadership.  

* Need Minimum Students for the class to be held

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