Summer Camp 2019

Little Learners (K-2nd Grade)

Our camp is for young minds which are full of curiosity. With hands on activities in the fields of science, history and art, it is sure to bring them not only loads of fun but also learning experiences.

Explore The World will take them on a tour of different countries and periods of history through hands on activities. Visit the world of Egypt, Mexico, India, Greece. Wear traditional costume or make a model of famous place.

STEAM Camp provides children with activities to explore their creativity. Art instruction, coupled with the sciences, gives them the opportunity to play, create, and learn in non-traditional ways that emphasize individual expression as well as real-world collaboration skills.

Spash Every Friday we will take kids to near by fun swim place. They can bring toys to play in the pool.Younger kids will be restricted to lower depth site.

Tel: 408-758-5722

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