After school program...

Serving Moreland, Cupertino, Campbell Schools

Ours is a well rounded program with focus on building confidence while excelling in grade curriculum.

Each of the program acitivity is designed to provide kids multiple opportunities.


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We provide daily

  • Homework help,

  • Hot meal

  • Pick up from Cupertino, Moreland and Campbell School Districts


In addition, we work with kids on -

  • Public speaking

  • Arts & Crafts

          Kids learn arts & crafts throughout the year and we do exhibitions at the end of the year.

  • Physical fitness

          We provide physical games and exercises indoors and outdoors, including coaching.

  • Academics - Creative Writing & Reading, Math and Critical thinking

          We work with kids to do creative writing and grade level math and beyond. 

          We read news with kids and also help them develop their critical thinking skills

  • Chess

  • Hindi

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To learn more about us, please read Why Radiant Kidz and Our Goals

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